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John Deere ya no quiere ser únicamente una empresa de tractores. También quiere serlo de satélites

John Deere no longer wants to be just a tractor company. It also wants to be a satellite company

When he set up his business in the second third of the 19th century, John Deere was a blacksmith who had just settled in Illinois and innovated with the shape and material of plows.
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Yara planea aumentar producción local en 80.000 toneladas adicionales de fertilizantes

Yara plans to increase local production by 80,000 additional tons of fertilizers

During 2022, the multinational produced 660,000 tons of fertilizers in Colombia and marketed 800,000 tons.
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Donde hay innovación, hay esperanza: Agritech para pequeños agricultores de América Latina

Where there's innovation, there's hope: Agritech for Latin America's small farmers

Smallholders and farmers, who produce up to 80% of the agricultural goods manufactured in Latam and the Caribbean, continue to rely on labor with few tools.
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